Over the summer, in the middle of my busy season, this shoot was one of a few creative outlets I had time for — so I was determined to make it a good one! I wanted to set up a pretty, eclectic table outside with lots of pretty & fantasy elements. I wanted it to look almost cluttered, overall imperfect, but for it to ultimately work and be full of beauty… I think I’m just now realizing that this also describes my life/brain basically. Hah!


Model: Stacey Smith aka Ai Tenshi Misha (https://www.facebook.com/AiTenshiMishaOfficial)

HMUA: Liz Heet

Wardrobe: KMK Designs (https://www.kmkdesigns.org/)

Assistants: Emily Smith, Justin Jennings

Location: Pyramid Hill: Hamilton, OH (http://pyramidhill.org/)


My team was absolutely fantastic and even dealt with me as I freaked out over a few gross nature moments (you’d think I love nature a lot more than I really do based on my work! It’s pretty, but sometimes gross, especially in July!) My model Stacey is always a dream when it comes to collaborating on concepts, and came prepared with some more beautiful items to add to the table. Liz did an amazing job on hair and makeup! Liz, Stacey’s fiancée Justin & sister Emily also helped out a lot in building the set — and then moving the set when the sun decided to go crazy on our first spot. This incredibly girly and beautiful pink gown by KMK Designs was beyond perfect for this set as well!