I absolutely loved working with the incredible team put together for this Fortune Teller concept I’ve been dying to shoot! The feeling of accomplishment when you complete something that took weeks of planning is amazing. I need to put together shoots like this more often!


This set was actually put together in my Hamilton studio. Some of the items were things I already had at my disposal before planning: the vintage seashell chandelier; leopard print chair; folding tables; the gold jewelry box; and the paperweight that I wound up using as a crystal ball after the one I ordered had several delivery issues. The majority of budget was spent on fabric… rich/textured fabrics found at Hobby Lobby; thrifted curtains and blankets (and of course anything else seen in the image.) The tarot cards belonged to one of the models. Overall, I spent less than $50, which was a pleasant surprise!


Of course, the set is only a fraction of what made the shoot look so amazing. Below is the epic team that I worked with! 


Photography: Me

Fashion Stylist: Sydney “Uncommon” Murdock

Makeup Artist: Sarah Crain

Hair Stylist: Liz Heet

Models: Jessi Neidert & Nomi BoutrossAssistant & Special Effects: Dex NewberryAssistant: John Ryan Hoskins


Other details… My husband used a Chauvet Nimbus machine to create a beautiful dry ice cloud for some of the shots. Since the machine takes a while to heat up for a few minutes of cloud, a fog machine was used for some of the other shots. For the lighting, I wanted to create a soft, but shadowy candlelit look. There was a 7′ PLM at low power to the left of the set (about 5′ away) , and a smaller softbox to the left (set up next to the table.) There are also a few shots where there was a boomed beauty dish overhead, but I turned off the boomed light after the first outfit was shot.