I have a process for editing eyebrows that yields realistic results. It’s great for filling in sparse areas, or even reshaping/thickening the brow as I did in this example. Let me know your thoughts on this process!


This process is much easier with a tablet as opposed to a regular mouse.


The brush:Size: 3ptHardness: 60%Opacity: 100%Flow: 25%


The idea is to draw in each hair individually – the brush settings I recommended above are the best, I feel, for creating a realistic hair follicle. I personally will sample lighter areas of eyebrow hair first, and then go over with a slightly darker color sampled from a darker part of the brow in the areas closer to the main/center part of the brow. I don’t like just sampling from one area, because it can start looking a bit flat compared to the rest of the brow. You can burn as needed once all areas are filled. Below are my results (a super-zoom of the main image) using this process!