I saw a beautiful image of a woman in her bedroom, shot through a window to where you could see the street lights and car lights of a very busy street. I loved the beautiful light bokeh in the foreground so much, and it inspired me to do a new beauty shoot. Sarah did a beautiful retro/1960′s inspired look on Katie, which looked great with the effect.


Here’s what I did! I hope I can explain it in a way that makes sense – if not, let me know!


I had the sheet of Plexiglas in front of my camera, between me and the model. My husband is a DJ with great lighting that I sometimes borrow, so I borrowed one of his Chauvet Intimidator Spot 350′s and placed it to the model’s right, pointed towards the Plexiglas at a slight angle. I played with different patterns of light to shoot through. The model was just lit by one strobe with a beauty dish, in front of me and to my right.


Hair and Makeup: Sarah Crain

Model: Katie Feeney @ Heyman Talent Agency