Hello, all! Just a heads up, there are a LOT of images in this post (and I edited way more than what is shown — these are just highlights!)


I wanted to create a “guide” to provide my clients, specifically with my own photography and within my studio, to help inspire them to find poses or even just a basis of what would look good in an image. I enlisted the assistance of 10 model-friends of mine, each with very unique styles of posing, to help me do just that. The process was rather long — 3 group shoots over the course of a month, not to mention editing and designing the book. I’m well versed in coaching clients on posing, mind you, but I really felt this would amp up every shoot for success even more than ever — and I’m so glad I did it!


All of these images were shot in my studio, in Hamilton OH. I’m very pleased with how the book has turned out, and can’t wait to use it on my next round of boudoir mini marathons (a few weeks away!)


Note: There was no hair & makeup artist for these shoots. Since this was a personal project, and focused more on the “posing” than on the hair and makeup, I had the models show up ready. Well, not dressed in their boudoir gear at the door, but you know. Ha.


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